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Where TOUGH Conversations BEGIN.......
Life Coaching
Our life coaching services motivate you and helps you to define your purpose. It connects you to your passion,motivates you to emotionally heal and your purpose becomes crystal clear.
MRH Academy
Mikel Relationship and Health Coaching Academy is an affiliate of Coaching Academy of North America Inc.(CANA)

Life Coaching Books
Michelle Renae Hannah, the author, shares her breaking point moments and how to overcome challenges through transforming your thinking and deciding... 

Life Coaching Certification and Services

Being a Life Coach is a rewarding experience and one of the best things you can experience and gift that you can present to people. Whether it is personal or business the condition of the relationship determines the growth and outcome. The complexities that often exist in both types of relationship are in need of an expert that is an expert of navigating through the challenges of a relationship. Knowing when to break up or away from a relationship that may be toxic to our overall well being is key to our work/life balance.

Accomplishing goals, unleashing the authentic you,  identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships will result in a happy,healthy and fulfilling life. Isn't that what we all should want?

​Our MRH coaching academy to become a certified coach. There are several niches to choose from and in 12 weeks you can be ready to begin being an intricate part of making one person healthy at a time. Teaching others how to set effective goals, strategize and execute the results.

Our programs are here to help people adjust to changes in life and cope with moving on to the things that make life worthwhile. If you are ready to make an commitment, call today so you can start working towards the life you want through coaching or becoming a coach..  

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Dr. Michelle R. Hannah