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Business Intimacy

Deeper connection with clients results in a deeper connection with you

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Service Description

Do you need more guidance about relationship selling? Do you have a deep connection with your clients or customers? The deeper the connection is with your clients-the greater the loyalty, trust and guarantee for referrals and long term relationships. Do you need to implement business intimacy for your sales team, team leaders or department heads? The solution to these problems or areas of concern is making the decision to implement business Intimacy into your business structure. Business intimacy is a relationship in which identity is focused on the customer needs, value of customer thoughts, building relationships through connection and not afraid to be vulnerable and transparent through the power of story with your clients. It means getting to know all about a potential customer – their goals, who they serve, the conditions within how they operate, and so on. It is developing a deep understanding of the needs of the customer. Learn a step by step process of how to align your business with this concept.

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