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Not only is coach Michelle Hannah an engaging speaker, complete with an interactive presentation that encourages development and growth for attendees, but Michelle is also so engaging as a person that the audience seems to gravitate toward her. This plus her experience is what makes her an excellent candidate to train, work with, lead and coach women in business. 

Understanding and using Michelle's 4 B principle can help not only business or relationship improvement in attendees lives, but can assist with overall growth as a human. 

If you get a chance to receive coaching or training from Michelle, don't hesitate, jump at that chance. Michelle is on the top of my list as someone I would recommend to coach others. 

Director and Owner Mackenzie Pearce, International Instruction of Coaching Studies (IICS)


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Michelle Hannah is not only a great coach but her book reaches past gender.Its a tool that helps anyone to self reflect, break away from toxic relationships,overcome loss,breakthrough the pain and ultimatley break out into PEACE and HAPPINESS!

Real Estate Developer Ben Dijulio
Michelle's 4 B principle motivated us to purchase her book and utilize her unique coaching techniques in our business. Our business was in need of a facelift! Deepening relationships with our clients was what we needed to turn our business around and breakthrough to the next level.Three words to describe her book and coaching techniques: INSPIRATIONAL,TRANSFORMING, and RELEVANT in your personal/business relationships!    

SVP Marketing Winston Thomas,Wall Street Investment Broker Paulette Knight