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Michelle Renae Hannah, the author, shares her breaking point moments and how to overcome challenges through transforming your thinking and deciding to live in the moment. 

You have had it. You have reached the breaking point! You know it because your physical, mental or emotional strength has given away under stress. The situation is now critical! You finally acknowledge the issue and are motivated to face it. Ah, but then the breakdown follows. This is the time when you are working on yourself. Once you start the work, expect pain and fear. You will feel as though you want to quit and you will make up excuses for why completing the journey isn’t as important as it was when you first acknowledged your breaking point. You have to make the choice to face your fear or run away once again. If you choose to face the fear, you will continue on your personal journey, and if you decide to run away, you will fail the test again. 

As you push through the work, you will find that self-reflection, forgiving, and healing are essential. Depression usually sets in at some point in the breakdown, but you must push through the darkest hole and embrace the light. When the light hits, you want to finally break it—whatever it is! Your breakthrough is now here. You can glimpse the results of the work you put in, and you are confident and hopeful. The tests are coming one by one, because it’s now time to see if you have learned the right lessons. You are now equipped to tackle the tests and ultimately pass them. You know what transformation looks and feels like. You adore the true you. 

Finally you have arrived at the moment that you have awaited; that moment is the breakout. The burden is lifted and you are living your purpose. It’s no longer about what you can get; it’s about what you can give. You are living in each moment, doing what you love, and know tomorrow will take care of itself. By doing what you love to do and living in the moment, you will live beyond all the broken pieces. All the phases-breakup, breakdown, breakthrough, and breakout-make up your full-circle journey.

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The Breaking Point:
A Full-Circle Journey 
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