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Weight Loss and Life Coach Certification

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Mikel Relationship and Health Coaching Academy is an affiliate of Coaching Academy of North America Inc.(CANA)

Become an Accredited and Certified Coach. This program is offered in conjunction with the Coaching Academy of North America Inc. Program start date: Classes start monthly Accrediting/ approval: This program is approved through the ICF. Certifications: Upon graduation you will be a certified professional life coach, so you can start offering life coach services, plus be able to be certified in 1 niche

Program length: 12 weeks. Lessons

There are 12 lessons that cover the following information:
  • How to coach 
  • How to gain your Accrediting
  • What your clients want from you
  • How to be a successful coach
  • How to set and reach goals- even if your client has failed at them before 
  • How to strategize with your client and create a goal attainment plan 
  • How to find your client’s passion 
  • Using the SMART, SWAT, GROW and more comprehensive goal attainment models 
  • How to start and end sessions
  • The Power of "Letting Go" & Forgiveness
  • The 4B Principle
  • The power and purpose of knowing the right questions 
  • The #1 question every coach should ask their clients
  • Tests and assessments you should use with clients
  • How to coach through various niches regardless if its your specialty 
  • How to market, set up of your business and an effective website 

You will also receive a welcome email from your mentor coach and all the information you need to start accessing your lessons and begin your training as a coach. You will have access to 40,000 words of resources.

Bonus #1 for registering: Receive The Breaking Point: A Full-Circle Journey or Workbook totally free for signing up today!. 
Bonus #2 for registering: Passive Income coaching from Michelle Hannah will be available for four weeks post graduation! Learn how to generate more income through you coaching business.This is available to you at no additional cost. 

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To learn more about Michelle R. Hannah, please visit her at michellerhannah.com

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