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What is Your Niche? You Decide!

The Niche you choose is inclusive in your Program.  Become a part of the 2nd fastest growing career industry in the world! Here are a few nichs to choose from!

Break Up Coach 
Most people do not have the knowledge or understanding that there is a process to breaking up with someone.Break ups are rough, painful and leave people feeling lonely. Providing people with a coach how to get through the process and not skip the steps will assist them in achieving a full recovery! 

Career Coach
Why become a Career Coach? There are many reasons but the most important is that you will provide the tools for individuals that need a transformation in their professional life. Aiding in providing options for people that feel that they are in a dead end job, want a exciting career or want to enhance their current career is essential to getting the life they want. Setting goals, action plans and a guided path determines a successful work/life balance.

Broken Relationships Coach 
There are many relationships that need to be restored. Those broken relationships can be categorized as a parent, sibling, lover, or friendship. Sometime relationships can have unhealthy moments but that doesn’t mean that people can’t fix what has been broken. 
carries the responsibility of serving our country. 

Sales/Marketing Relationship Coach
You will provide your clients with the tools needed to formulate and implement a marketing plan using their internal resources, teach the process of relationship building, the power of networking and how to effectively leverage their contacts. As a result you will partner with your clients in the steps to a successful online business, educate on social media and branding influence, and increase their profitability.


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